We are a New Era of Medical Billing Services

SBN HealthCare Billing Solution is Reimbursement Experts that will get you paid as much as possible and on time! We have a team of professionals who are experienced in AR follow-up and know how to get payment on aging claims. We will take care of all your Medical Billing and Collection needs with our professional staff.

As a health care provider, you know the importance of seeking the assistance of an expert in their respective field when warranted. Our industry Is changing at an unprecedented pace. Your financial well-being warrants the use of medical billing experts who stay informed and educated on the current regulations and policies that challenge us on a daily basis. We will get you fully reimbursed and do so in a professional and timely manner while maintaining a no-exception commitment to compliance.

We offer Billing and Consulting Services that cover the entire RCM process. However, since each provider and/or practice is unique, we customize our RCM services to meet your individual needs. We will work with you to determine the best fit for your office, allowing you to contract for only the services you need.

As a Provider, your goal is to take care of your patients and at the same time, you want accurate payment for your services.

So you take care of your patients and will take care of your payments.


Financial Counseling
Online/In-Person Arrival
Pre-Service Payments


Level of Care
Case Management
Utilization Review
Charge Optimization
Acuity Capture


Patient Payments
Denials Management
Customer Service

What We Do

SBN Healthcare Solution will ensure that your revenue increase by reducing claim processing intervals,
Daily Charge Entry & Billing, Effected Follow-up, and filing the clean claim within the time.

Real Time Filing

We ensure that all the charge received from provider should be billed to carrier with in 48 hours.

Claim Acceptance

We work on claim scrubbing so that all claim should be Accept by Clearing House.

Expedite Payment

We ensure that providers receive a payment within 30 days of claim filing. Before claim filing, we double-check that we did the correct coding & Coverage Verification.

Reduce AR Ageing

Our Main Goal is to reduce AR aging by effective follow-up from Insurance Companies. We follow-up on almost 98% of claims.

Supercharge the
revenue cycle.

SBN Intelligent Automation fuels our ability to deliver differentiated value – reduced cost and waste, greater profitability and a better patient experience.

Software we Expertise