We are Expert in Payment for High Ageing Claims


We Are Expert in Healthcare Billing Services

We have more than 10 years of experience in Medical Billing Services.

The major benefit of outsourcing billing with SBN Healthcare Solution is an improvement in your financial performance. With our experienced staff, you can meet and exceed your business goals while saving more time and money than you would be trying to take care of your patient and other admin work.

What we do

We are working on all aspects of Medical Billing services so that you can take care of your patient and we will take care of your claims and payments. 

Real Time Filing

We ensure that all the charge received from provider should be billed to carrier with in 48 hours.

Expedite Payment

We ensure that providers receive a payment within 30 days of claim filing. Before claim filing, we double-check that we did the correct coding & Coverage Verification.

Claim Acceptance

We work on claim scrubbing so that all claim should be Accept by Clearing House

Reduce AR Ageing

Our Main Goal is to reduce AR aging by effective follow-up from Insurance Companies. We follow-up on almost 98% of claims.

Software we Expertise

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