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SBN Healthcare services help your practice to save more money without forcing you to make compromises on quality. We offer medical billing prices that are low cost, and as a welcome relief, thoroughly transparent. We do not have a rigid pricing structure and provide our clients the freedom to choose a pricing model that best meets their business demands at least price. Following are the different pricing models, we offer:

  1. Complete Service Package
  2. FTE Basis Model
  3. Per Transaction Basis Model
  4. Custom Basis Model

In this package, we are responsible for all your billing work you offer to us within an affordable budget price. This package includes Billing & Coding, Charge Entry, Payment posting, Eligibility verification, Pre & post-Service Authorization, AR Follow-up & denial management. All this at the medical billing price of just 6 to 9% of your AR Collection amount is certainly the healthiest choice you could ever make!

The Full-Time Equivalent Model provides you dedicated personnel working for pre-defined hours. This is ideal for long-term projects with large volumes of work. The price ranges between $1000 to $1500 per FTE per month.

Pay just $ 0.75 per claim for patient demographic entry, charge entry & payment/cash posting entry. Payless than a dollar for patient demographic entry and charge entry as we offer a medical billing cost of just 75 cents for these services, per claim. And for half a dollar we can do payment/ cash posting entry for you! At 50 cents this is the most reasonable medical billing rate you can avail of.

We customize the pricing structure depending upon the type of service and the complexity of the task. We tailor-make a pricing structure after analyzing the client’s billing requirements and revert within 1 business day.

We Help you to Save more money, Reduce your cost and minimize your risk. You are at the right place to be a preferred client of SBN healthcare by Clicking here.